Dr. P. B. Vidyasagar

Dr. P. B. VidyasagarTo strive for academic excellence should be the only aim of the students, teachers and administrative staff of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. Let me assure you that we have the potential and desire for the same. What is required is the dedication, perseverance and hard work. The world scenario is changing and higher education is no exception. In this changing period, we have to change the teaching learning methods. Moving towards conceptual learning by doing conscious efforts is essential. For that the change in mind set is the key factor. Students should become active learners and not mute followers. Participation of students in learning process is the need of the hour. The role of a teacher is to facilitate the learning and help them to understand the subject. To enhance the quality, along with the classroom teaching, other quality web sources available should be used. The research, both basic and applied, needs a boost so as to create impact at national and international level. It would help to improve the quality of teaching at postgraduate and undergraduate level. Therefore, teachers at UG as well as PG level should get involved in active research. Sensitivity towards the needs of the students and society at large will make us more humane. It will give the strength to implement the policy based on access, equity, inclusion and quality.

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