a. Dissipation of GSCASH policy
All events in last five years were aimed at dissipation of Vishakha guidelines and other preventive measures and remedies to sexual harassment amongst target group in campus. The same was achieved in activities like
  • •School and Hostel visit
  • •Competitions
  • •Informal meets
  • •Workshop
  • •By sending soft copies
  • •Poster displaying
  • •By displaying information on University website
  • •Survey questionnaire
b. Extension activities and achievements
Apart from this GSCASH cell have actively carried out few programs that have improved mental, physical and sociological, intellectual status of girls and woman employees
  • •The Health Lecture series was proved very helpful to girls and women.They found a platform to discuss their health problems with experts of field.
  • •Plantation like activities showed the direct participation and contribution of women in beautification of campus
  • •Various lectures like soft skill management, Personality development delivered by Dr Mrs Laturkar helped Girls lot in this area.
  • •The Lectures like Microbiology at Home, Transplantation and Identical twins, Bioinoculum for terrace garden gave information to girls and women on applications of Life sciences.

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