Aims and Objectives
  • To carry out research and comparative study of Sikhism period.

  • To establish sophisticated instrument laboratory (SIL) to carry out high end - front line research activities.

  • To create a Data Bank of literature related to Shri Guru Gobind Singhji and to carry out research on his literary work.

  • To transfer Sikh literature in foreign languages to spread the holy message through his teachings.

  • Transliteration between Gurumukhi, Devnagari, Roman and Shahmukhi Scripts.

  • Digitization of basic materials for Punjabi languages e.g. Dictionary, thesaurus, corpse and morph.

  • Development of website for online Gurumukhi teaching.

  • To make and to maintain archival work related to ‘Sikhism’, so as to provide ready reference to national and international students.

  • Development of Gurumukhi, Indian and foreign language.

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