Proposed Activities

A) Teaching:

  1. Post graduate Diploma in Tribal Studies
  2. Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)
  3. M.A. in Tribal Studies .
  4. M. Phil. in Tribal Studies
  5. Ph.D. in Tribal Studies.



  1. Mapping up the tribal population and studying their socio-economic and cultural conditions
  2. Study the tribal history and explore the causes of the backwardness;
  3. Land reform measure and their impact on the tribal population;
  4. Rural Development activities and their impact on tribal population;
  5. Ethnic diversity, tribal environment and ecology;
  6. Tribal Folk-Culture and Oral Traditions
  7. Tribal Women and Gender issues;
  8. Tribal dialects, culture and tradition;
  9. Tribal education from elementary to higher stages;
  10. Interrelations within tribal and among tribal and non-tribal;
  11. Tribal Right Issues
  12. Evaluation, Monitoring and Impact studies on various Tribal Welfare and Development Programmes and Policies;
  13. Study the role of NGOs, PRIs and other Civil Society Organisation on Tribal Welfare and Development;
  14. Research on Tribal Minor Forest Produce (MFP) Rights, Women rights in the Vth Scheduled Areas and the VI Scheduled Areas.
  15. Research studies on migration, displacement, resettlement and rehabilitation of minor and major project affected Tribal families/ tribal areas.


C) Training and Soft skill Development activities

D) Seminar/Workshop.

E) Popular Lecture Series.

F) Documentation and Data Archive.

G) Networking with other Organizations.

H) Extension Education Programme

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