From Director’s Desk
School of Educational sciences is identical school in university for its academic achievements. It is committed to prepare competent, committed, efficient and effective teacher educators through its courses.
School offers post graduate and research programs in Physical Education & Education. Both the courses are in demand due to local as well as global requirements.
Physical Education is vital for health promotion, fitness awareness & all societal wellbeing. The courses offered by school are competent to develop excellent sportsmanship, Physical Education teachers & Trainers and also researchers in this field.
School always take efforts to keep it in tune of innovations and reforms in the field. Therefore, shaping course content and academic activities in new fashionis continuously goes on. Our efforts are to make this school a leading modern institution dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, learning and understanding in the services society. The School is dedicated to encourage individuals to realize their full potential, and to train competent professionals in a global world.
Prof.  (Dr.) Sinku Kumar Singh

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