About the School

यथा शिखा मयुराणां नागानां मणयो यथा |

तथा वेदांडशाश्त्राणां गणितं मूर्धनि स्थितम ||

 As are the crests on the heads of peacocks,

As are the gems on the hoods of cobras,

So is Mathematics, at the top of all Sciences.


Really Mathematics is the one of the most beautiful subject catering to the needs of almost all branches of Science.

The School of Mathematical Sciences established in 2009 with M.Sc. Mathematics programme. Our school has been started in academic year 2009-2010 and within a short span of time it has done a noteworthy impact on mathematical community. Currently our school offers M.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics, M. Phil. Mathematics, Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics. The M.Sc. course is of two years duration to be completed in four semesters. Our curriculum is research as well as job oriented and it follows CBCS guidelines. We have added several research oriented courses and perhaps ours is the only school which added courses like: Riemannian geometry, Theory of Relativity, Algebraic Geometry, Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory, Algebraic Topology, Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Cryptography, Coding Theory, Fractional Calculus, Lie Groups at postgraduate level. Within a short span of time, School has done remarkable progress.

Our faculties are working in the research areas: Algebra, Analysis, Number Theory, Integro-differential Equations, Relativity, Operations Research, Data Mining Techniques etc. Four faculties are research guides and 20 students are working for Ph.D. under their guidance. Apart from regular class room teaching, the School is offering SET/NET/GATE guidance to the students. School organize orientation program for fresher students and remedial coaching for slow learners. Much attention is given on student’s personality development. This makes them bold enough for facing interviews in different corporate sectors. The project work is basic component of both the courses.

Since inception of our school, students maintained the tradition of participating in various training and outreach programmes like: MTTS, SPIM, TPM, NPDE, ATM schools, STP, SOPM etc. hosted by leading research institutions across the India. Not only our faculty members but also our students are well equipped with core knowledge of mathematics and have good appetite for higher studies. Besides regular classroom teaching we used to give emphasis on NET/SET coaching, which paid good dividends in terms of success in CSIR-NET, GATE, NBHM and SET examinations, which in turn added feathers in the cap of our SRTM  University.

Recently many students of our school have enrolled and registered themselves for SWAYAM-NPTEL online courses. From these courses, students can learn and discuss topics in Mathematical Sciences from stalwarts in corresponding areas of Mathematical sciences. It gives me an immense pleasure to share that, not only our students but our faculty members have got unprecedented success in such online courses. I am of the opinion that in good company success is epidemic, so I am quite sure that with such huge success in SWAYAM-NPTEL courses by students of our school, new-comers will also get motivation.

Growth of our school is also been recognized by leading funding agencies in recent past. We have been sanctioned with grant of Rs: 55 lakh under DST-FIST scheme. Our School is also receiving library grant from NBHM besides their complementary book scheme.

With such kind of efforts and support from SRTM University, I am quite sure that School of Mathematical Sciences will certainly emerge as one of the prestigious and premiere center for postgraduate and research activities in near future. As part of its mission, the school shall continue to achieve excellence, both in teaching as well as in research.

                                                                                    Dr. Dnyaneshwar D. Pawar.
School of Mathematical Sciences,
SRTM University, Nanded.

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