Vision, Mission and Goals


M.Sc. Mathematics: The Department of Mathematics aspires to the highest standards of excellence in teaching and research and strives to earn regional recognition for its expertise in the field of Mathematics.

M.A. /M. Sc. Statistics: To organize, connect, build and communicate statistical concepts effectively through devotion, determination, obedience and path. Contribute subject knowledge to promote the students for development among ethical value-based learning to nurture creativity, research and development.



M.A. / M. Sc. Mathematics

  • To make sure that the courses are taught at a high standard and meet the needs of those programs.
  • To provide students a wide spectrum of courses and to offer them a rigorous training that enables them to pursue research /work in jobs that require a high degree of mathematical skills.
  • To make the students capable of discharging professional, social and economical responsibilities ethically.


M.A. /M.Sc. Statistics

  • To enhance the logical and analytical skills in solving problems.
  • To inculcate research culture the students,
  • To serve as an enabler in Mathematics and Statistics Programme higher education and research that match global benchmarks.
  • Adapting to ever-changing needs of the Academics, Banking and industries etc. sector.
  • Promoting international understanding through quality education.



Both the Programmes are designed in such a way that student can meet the requirements of competitive examinations like SET/ NET/ GATE, NBHM’s Ph.D. entrance test. Elective courses are designed for emerging areas of applications such as IT Sector, Banking Sector etc. Statistics is the most applied subject having several applications in Social Sciences, Basic Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Students with sound background of statistics, good mathematical ability and expertise in software will surely have a bright carrier prospectus.


Program Objectives:

M.A. / M.Sc. Mathematics Program Educational Objectives:

  • To provide students Mathematical knowledge so that they are able to work as professionals in the subject.
  • To prepare them to go for higher studies and pursue research.
  • To train students to handle the problems faced by industry through Mathematical knowledge and scientific computational techniques.
  • To introduce the fundamental of Mathematics to students to strengthen the students’ logical and analytical ability.


M.A. / M. Sc. Statistics Program Educational Objectives:

  • Students should able to understand, implement and overcome problems through statistical techniques.
  • To develop scientific view among students for better understanding and analytic ability the collected data for specific perspectives.
  • Demonstrate graduate-level skills in communicating mathematics and statistics, orally and in writing.
  • Students should able understand appropriate, relevant, fundamental and applied mathematical; and statistical methodologies and modern computational tools.
  • The ability to bring together and flexibly apply knowledge to characterize, analyze and solve a wide range of problems an understanding of the balance between the complexity / accuracy of the mathematical / statistical models used and the timeliness of the delivery of the solution.
  • Ability to contribute to professional work settings through effective participation in teams and organization of project tasks the ability to constructively engage with other team members and resolve conflict.
  • The ability to communicate effectively in terms of technical and non-technical material in a range forms to different audiences.


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