Teaching Faculty

Name of the Faculty



Dr. A. C. Kumbharkhane

(M. Sc., Ph. D.)

Director and

Senior Professor

Young Scientist Award

Dr. M. K. Patil

(M. Sc., NET, Ph. D.)

Senior Professor

LIGO-India EPO Member, TMT’s ISDT Member, Associate Member COSPAR (France), IUCAA Associate Member since 2003, BEST Teacher Award

Dr. R. S. Mane

(M. Sc, Ph. D.)

Senior Professor

Young scientist award, Visiting Scientist, Republic of Korea, Research Faculty, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

Dr. A. V. Sarode

(M. Sc., SET, Ph. D.)

Associate Professor

SET qualified

Dr. K. A. Bogle

(M. Sc., M. Phil. Ph. D.)

Assistant Professor

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