Conferences, Workshops, Seminars organized

Details of Seminars, Conferences etc organized during last five years.

  • One day Gender Sensitisation Program financed by YASHADA, Pune (Govt. of Maharashtra)
  • One Week ‘Research Methodology Training Course’, 201
  • One Week “Training Course on Research Methodology for Social Sciences” on 10-17th March, 2015
  • National Workshop on “Transgender Identity and Transgender Lives in Contemporary India” in collaboration with Women’s Studies Centre, School of Social Sciences, S.R.T.M University, Nanded held on 4th March, 2015 March,
  • One Day Workshop on “Census 2011 Data Dissemination” jointly organised by Director of Census Operations Maharashtra on 14th August,
  • One Day Workshop on “Expansion of Human Rights Education”, on 12th September, 2015.
  • One-day Workshop on “Genesis of Agrarian Distress in Marathwada Region: Causes and Remedies”, on 5th February
  • National Seminar “Women in Higher Education: Policies & Perspectives”, in collaboration with Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi, on March 11-12,
  • One-Day Workshop “Responsibility to Protect Atrocity” in collaboration with, Assistant Commissioner Social Welfare Office ,Nanded, on 29th February
  • National Seminar on Women in Higher Education: Policies & Perspectives, in collaboration with Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi (2016).
  • “Common Property Resources in western Maharashtra” in 1999.
  • On 21st and 22nd February 2005 School Organized National Seminar on” Gender and Human Right Violation”.
  • Organized of “Panchayati Raj Institutions in Maharashtra”.
  • School has organized “Refreshers Course” in the year
  • School has organized on week “Research Methodology Training Course” during 10 to 15 February 2014 sponsored by
  • One day Workshop on “Human Development” in Collaboration with Yashwantrao Chavan Academic of Development and Administration. “Yashada PUne” on 28th September
  • Two Days National Workshop “Feminist Research Methods” organized by Women’s Studies Centre during 29th and 30 August
  • Organised workshop in collaboration with UNDP on “Disaster Management” on 13/09/2012.
  • School Organised National Workshop on “Gender and Violence” on 1st February 2011 sponsored by UGC
  • Women’s Studies Centre of School of Social Sciences have conducted One day National Workshop on “Growing Violence Against Women and Marginalised Genders” on 17th October 2016 .
  • Two Days National Seminar “Women in Higher Education: Policies and Perspectives” organized in collaboration with Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi on 11th and 12th March
  • School has orgnised one day National Workshop on “Genesis of Agrarian Distress in Maharathwada region : Causes and Remedies” on 5th February
  • School Organised One Day National Workshop on “Expansion of Human Rights” on 12th September 2016.
  • School has jointly organized workshop on “ Census 2011 Data Dissemination” with director of Census Operation of Maharashtra on 14th October
  • School Jointly Organised Training Programme on “Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace” (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) at
  • Women’s Studies Centre has organized one day Naitonal Workshop “Violence against women” on 22nd March
  • Women’s Studies Centre School of Social Sciences has organied one day workshop on “Transgender Identity and Trangender Lives in Contemporary India” during 4th March 2015.


Organized Conference.

  • I had an opportunity to organize national Conference with Indian Sociological Society on perspectivising old and emerging forms of violence and Atrocities. My ability to make use of Action , Experience and Communication as methodological paradigms to know the mystery of society and the impact of decision making about how societies should run and put together.
  • Organized one day workshop in collaboration with PRAYAS, TISS, Mumbai, Offenders Act
  • Organized one day workshop on Responsibility to Protect Atrocities (R2P) in collaboration with Assistant Commissioner Social Justice Office, Nanded.
  • Prepared Action Plan for Nanded prison and also for Latur prison, for rehabilitation of under trial Prisoners’.
  • Organized one day workshop on Multiple Disability in Seminar of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada Campus on 10 January
  • Organized one day workshop with Collector Nanded, Principal District Judge and his entire lobby of Judges & Advocates & Superintendent of Police and his fifty police official Staff of District probation officials and media on “ Problems and Rehabilitation of Children’s in Conflict with law" on 23rd February.

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