Day Care Centre


        To provide the facility to the staff and students for keeping their children under homely care during working hours inside the university campus


  • To help the working parents in pursuing their job or academic carrier
  • To provide homely care with hygiene
  • To develop physical and mental growth of children
  • To cultivate moral values
  • Foundation of informal education
  • Learning of group living
  • Adjustment of personal likes/dislikes

Timings: Monday to Saturday ( 8.00 am to 6.00 pm)

Age limit:  6 months - 12 years

Eligibility: Children’s of SRTM University employees and Students

Holidays:  Sunday and all university holidays

Fees :  Monthly basis: Rs.750/- for class-I officers and Teachers and Rs.500/- for all others

            Daily basis: Rs. 50/- for all

            Fees must be paid to the account section of SRTM University, Nanded.


  • Child care attendants (aayas)
  • Infant feeding room
  • Mini cots, cradles, and separate beds
  • Kitchen with all basic amenities like Induction stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, water purifier, etc.
  • Spacious indoor playing area with multi activity play station, riders, walkers, tricycles, bouncers, etc.
  • Outdoor playing area with three in one slide, four in one swing, meager, etc.
  • 50 inch LCD TV and sound system for showing nursery rhymes, other educational videos.
  • Four Snake replants’, mosquito net protection

Important rules:

  • Those who want to avail the Day Care facility need to submit the form along with prescribed fees and necessary documents before bringing their ward to DCC.
  • In case someone wants to withdraw their ward from the Day Care Centre, they need to clear all the dues.
  • Parents should send healthy food in hygienic containers.
  • The ward will be handed over only to the guardian or a person officially nominated by the guardian for taking the child from the centre.
  • It will be responsibility of the guardians to pick up their respective ward by 5.45 pm sharp.
  • Children suffering from cold, fever or contagious illness cannot come to DCC.
  • In the event of kids falling ill during the working hours, their parents’ responsibility to take them home immediately upon communication and provide the medications.
  • Parents should not send valuable items (gold \silver ornaments, cell phones, etc.) with the children.
  • If parents wish to keep female care taker along with the child in Day Care Centre, they can do so by giving the undertaking form. However in this case also, parents need to pay full fees.
  • The Day Care Center will maintain a register to record in/out timings. It is mandatory to sign while bringing and taking your ward from DCC.


 * Registration Form          * DCC Committee        * DCC Advisory Committee


Contact Details:

       Dr. Rupali S. Jain
        Coordinator, Day Care Centre
        Assistant Professor
        School of Mathematical Sciences
        SRTM University, Nanded
        E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
        Phone: 02462-229561








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