Subject - E-Contents (Education) School of Educational Sciences Organized Lectures on Various Topics
Program Subject Content YouTube Link
M. Ed. Workshop on PET Workshop on PET Examination School of Education.
M. Ed. Challenges in Higher Education Dr. More D.N. Challenges in Higher Education
M. Ed. Teacher Union Dr. Jogdand Sir Teacher Union
M. Ed. Economics of Education Dr. Arun Tawar Economics of Education
M. Ed. Report Writing Dr. Joshi M.M. Research Methodology Report Writing
M. Ed. Research Proposal Dr. C.R. Baviskar Research proposal for Ph.D.
M. Ed. Methods of Data Collection Dr. Lonarkar Sir Research Methodology Methods of Data Collection
M. Ed. What is Research? Dr. Nishikant Dhande Research
M. Ed. PET Syllabus 2020 Research Dr. Nalge M.M. PET Exam Details & Syllabus


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