Program Objectives

Program objectives:

  • To acquire students a readiness in becoming responsible citizens changing world.
  • To provide students with some insight into future career prospect in the fields related to Chemistry.
  • To encourage students to develops curiosity and a spirit of enterprise.
  • To teach students to be aware of the safety of oneself and others in laboratory and be committed to safe practices in daily life.
  • To teach good laboratory practice and skills.
  • To teach students to analyze data from experiments or from other sources.


Program outcomes:

  • Theory and Knowledge: Students will have knowledge of the fundamental principle and contemporary practices of chemistry and will be able to use them to investigate, explain and predict new phenomena.
  • Laboratory Skills: After completion of a M.Sc. degree, Chemistry majors are able to employ critical thinking and scientific inquiry in the performance, design, interpretation and documentation of laboratory experiments at a level suitable to succeed at an entry- level position in research, academia, or chemical industry.
  • Quantitative skills: Chemistry majors are able to interpret and analyze quantitative data.
  • Think scientifically: Students acquire an ability to think scientifically, independently and to make rational discussion.
  • Promote awareness: To promote an awareness of social, economic, environmental and technological implication of chemistry.
  • Job opportunities: Job opportunities in Chemical industries, pharmaceutical, foods and materials ,Research and Development in various institutions including academic institutions

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