• Shirke Energy Pvt Ltd Pune, Matching properties of bio-oils for fuel, chemicals, polymers, food applications
  • Vijaya Agro Industries Ahmednagar, Value added products developments from vegetable oils
  • Radiant Industries Mumbai, Biobased polyurethane based printing inks.
  • Explicit Chemicals Pvt Ltd Pune, Process modification for phthalimide, oleic acid
  • Godavari Particle Board Industries Nanded, Formaldehyde free phenol-formaldehyde resin for particle board
  • S M Bioleum Resources Pvt Ltd Pune, Pyrolysis oil based polymeric materials for various applications
  • M/S Pratibha Food Pvt Ltd, Nanded, Edible Polymer Based Films, Article manufacturing company
  • Samrudhi Dal Mill Telhi Loha, Nanded, Technical guidance for making kumkum from turmeric rhizomes
  • Supreme Gold Irrigations MIDC, Nanded, Recycling of waste tier rubber
  • Pawan Tyres MIDC, Nanded, Recycling of waste tier rubber
  • Sahayog Farms, Vishnupuri, Nanded, Vermi-composting of biopolymers
  • Vigil Tech Ltd, Nanded, 3D printing resins from renewable resources

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