Major Achievements and Special features
  • Contribution to the University in obtaining ‘A’ grade by NAAC and Appreciative comments by NAAC team
  • Centre for Excellence for Seismological Studies supported by RUSA
  • One of the faculty selected for Govt. of India e-Pataskala lectures under the UGC-MHRD program 
  • DST major projects 
  • SPG India student Chapter 
  • First International student chapter of AIPG, USA 
  • Initiation of International collaborations with Jackson Ville University, Alabama, USA, Operation Unite, USA, Clearwater Group, USA 
  • UGC-SAP 2nd level – sanctioned 112 lakhs 
  • Extension activity under UGC XII plan 
  • The School is identified by IIRS to conduct their outreach programs regularly 
  • The School of Earth Sciences has been organizing different programs to school children like school visits, International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)


Special Credentials

  • DST-FIST Sponsored Department
  • UGC Innovative Program
  • RUSA center for Seismological Studies
  • Student Focused Teaching
  • Curricula of National Standard
  • Well qualified, experienced & devoted staff
  • Good Class Rooms, Laboratories, Separate Computer Laboratory, Geological Museum, Seminar Hall, Seismic Observatory
  • Semester pattern (from the beginning) 
  • CGPA (from 2003-04), CBCS pattern (from 2014-15) 
  • Skill improvement activities: Home Assignment, Seminar, Dissertation, Field Tour, Industrial Training, Training in National Research Laboratories 
  • Ladies Common Room 
  • Good Administrative Support 
  • Friendly teacher-student relation

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