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It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the portal of the School of Physical Sciences of S.R.T.M. University, Nanded...

School of Physical Sciences of S.R.T.M. University, established in August 1995, offers two years, four semester Master’s course in Physics with specializations in Astrophysics, Materials Sciences, Fibre-optics and LASERS and Electronics. The School also offers M. Phil and Ph. D. programs in applied / experimental and theoretical Physics with thrust areas centred on extragalactic universe, active galactic nuclei (AGNs), galaxy clusters, X-ray Astronomy, microwaves and dielectric spectroscopy, experimental solid state physics, materials science, bioactive nano-materials, gas sensors, hydrogen storage, DSSC-Energy devices and super capacitors. Excellent academic atmosphere, student centric learning activities, need-based curriculum up-gradation, proven teaching abilities, high research potential, dedicated teachers and scholars are the strengths of the School. Research training in the form of dissertation at the master’s level enables the students to inculcate research aptitude at their early stage. The compounding effect of the student centric activities is that within the span of 24 years the School has emerged as one of the preferred destination for pursuing higher education in Physics in general and Astronomy in particular for the students from Maharashtra and neighbouring states. This has resulted in enhancing the demand ratio of the course and elevation in success rate in the NET/SET/GATE examinations. The vibrant and dynamic faculty of work experience in internationally renowned institutes is the asset of the School, enabled it to get recognized as one of the best academic School on the campus of SRTMU.

The spread of its alumni in diversified fields of studies ranging from space science to the nano and energy technologies in the academic and scientific institutions across the country and in foreign institutes are the gauge of the academic achievements of the School. Over the period of 24 years the School has not only produced a good number (exceeding 700) but quality publications that appeared in the high-index, high-impact research journals of international repute. Exceptionally high number of citations earned by these publications (over 10,000) delineates the research potential of the School. It is worth mentioning that few of the Ph D awardees from this School are contributing significantly in academic activities of prestigious national and foreign laboratories. The School has also received a sizable amount of research funds (more than Rs. 4 crore) from various national and international funding agencies like UGC, CSIR, DST, ISRO, MEDA, RGSCT and also from foreign agencies, enabling the School to accelerate its research activities. The School has also received funds from DST, New Delhi under the DST-FIST scheme. Strong collaborative research linkages with the leading national and international universities and institutes indicate its academic acceptance at global level. Participation of the School faculty in the national and international level cutting-edge mega projects is the special feature of the School.

                                                                                                      Prof. Megha Mahabole
School of Physical Sciences,
Prof. Megha Mahabole
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