Courses Offered

The School of Physical Sciences at present offer following courses:

Sr. No

Program / Course Offered




M.Sc. (Physics)

2 Years (4 semesters)



M.Phil. (physics)

2 Years



Ph. D. (Physics)

3 Years

64 (Max enrolment)


Masters’ course (M. Sc) in Physics offered by the School of Physical Sciences is a 100 credit course span over two years, four semesters. Following the guidelines of UGC, New Delhi and looking at the better employability, entrepreneurship possibilities and also to enhance the latent skills of the students the School has adopted the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at the post-graduate level enables the students to develop a strong foundation of the fundamental Physics and also elevates their knowledge base to apply the foundations to the applied and advanced electives, skill enhancement or specialization courses namely, astrophysics, materials science, electronics and fiber optics and lasers. The course also helps the students in enhancing their analytical skill through the embedded component of the problem solving skills, seminar activities and hands-on and minds-in activities of the course. The School also offers M. Phil and Ph.D. programs in Applied / Experimental Physics as well as Theoretical Physics. Guest lectures by renowned scientists, experts from institutes of international repute is a regular feature of the course enabling the students and faculty to abreast their research interest. The evaluation of students consists of continuous internal assessment.  


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