Major Achievements and special features
  1. Excellent academic atmosphere, student centric learning activities, need-based curriculum up-gradation, proven teaching abilities and dedicated staff
  2. Faculty with high research potential and dedicated teachers and scholars are the strengths of the School
  3. High-index and high-impact research publications in journals of highest international status
  4. Exceptionally high number of citations earned by these publications (over 10,000) delineate the research potential of the School.
  5. Research training in the form of dissertation at the master’s level, inculcate research aptitude at the early stage of the students
  6. High demand ratio of the course
  7. Important and preferred destination for the learning in Astronomy
  8. Elevation in success rate in NET/SET/GATE examinations
  9. Significant amount of research funds generated through funded research schemes of UGC, CSIR, DST, ISRO, MEDA, RGSCT and foreign agencies
  10. The strong collaborative research linkages with the leading national and international universities and institutes indicate its academic acceptance at global level
  11. Participation of the School faculty in the national and international level cutting-edge mega projects is icing on its cake
  12. Identified as the Best School of SRTMU by academic audit committees


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