Research Guides

All the faculty memebres of the School of Physical Sciences are recognized Ph D guides and offer Ph D programmes from diverse, front-line research ares. Details of the expertise and research areas of the faculty members are as below:  




Dr. M. K. Patil

(M. Sc. NET Ph. D)


Extragalactic Astronomy

X-ray Astronomy

XRB population in star forming galaxies

AGN feedback CDGs

AGN variability

Multiphase ISM in  galaxies

Dr. R. S. Mane

(M. Sc. Ph. D)


Nanomaterials for Device Physics

Energy Studies

Dr. A. C. Kumbharkhane

(M. Sc. Ph. D)


Electronics, High frequency dielectric spectroscopy

Dr. Mrs. M. P. Mahabole

(M. Sc. M.Phil. Ph. D)


Materials Science, Gas Sensors

Biomaterials, Zeolites

Dr. A. V. Sarode

(M. Sc. SET Ph. D)

Assistant Professor

Electronics, Polymer Physics

Dielectric Physics, Biomolecules

NMR, Acoustic Physics

Dr. K. A. Bogle

(M. Sc. M.Phil. Ph. D)

Assistant Professor

Materials Science, Memristors

Functional oxides, Heterostructures


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