School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board (SAC) is constituted as per the Maharashtra University Act 2016 with an objective to improve the working of the School on the aspects of academic, research, innovation and extension activities. The board will advise the School on regular revision of the curriculum looking at the necessity and to meet the requirements at global level and will also play an important role in enabling the School to establish academic linkages with national and international universities, research institutes, industries, other organizations. The board will meet at least twice a year. The present constitution of the Advisory Board is as follows

  1. A. K. Kembhavi, Former Director & Emeritus Professor, IUCAA, Pune                Chairman
  2. S. C. Mehrotra, Former Head & Ramanujan Fellow, Dr BAMU, Aurangabad        Member
  3. Tarun Sourdeep, Scientist, IUCAA, Pune                                                              Member
  4. Prof. Ishwara Chnadra, Scientist, NCRA-TIFR, Pune                                           Member
  5. Dr. Varun Bhalerao, IIT, Bombay                                                                            Member
  6. Prof. J. V. Sali, Professor, B.C.N.M.U., Jalgaon                                                      Member
  7. Prof. R. L. Raibagkar, Professor & Head, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga              Member
  8. Dr Venu Kandadai, Manjeera Digital System Pvt Ltd., IIIT Campus, Hyderabad   Member
  9. Dr. Mahadev B. Pandge, DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow, D.S.C., Latur                  Member
  10. Prof. M. K. Patil, Director, School of Physical Sciences                                         Member Secretary


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