Students support
  • Guidance for NET/SET/GATE examination
  • Remedial coaching for slow learners
  • GOI scholarship for the socially deprived classes
  • Eklavya scholarship for highly motivated students
  • Scholarship to the economically poor students from the University under SWAS scheme
  • Financial support to the needy students under the Earn and Learn Scheme of the University
  • Recommending and enabeling the M Sc students to participate in fully funded programmes like, introductory schools, summer schools, training programmes, workshops, etc. Hosted by IUCAA, NCRA, TIFR, PRL, ARIES, IIA
  • Financial assistance for M Sc students to participate in academic feasts like conferences, seminar, etc
  • DST-INSPIRE Fellowship for Ph.D. student
  • Minority Scholarship for M. Phil. / Ph.D. student
  • Scholarships / Fellowships to the research scholars under funded research projects
  • Research scholar’s participation in international conferences in foreign countries

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